Acrylic, industrial felt and phosphorescence - words that you would easily associate with the undercooled charm of an emergency exit sign or a

chemo laser.

But it is exactly these three physical elements of modernism, with which Patrizio Porracchia creates his timeless works of art.


And these will not leave you cold.

'Cause Porracchia's art begins there, where the soulfull content stops and the high-tech begins.


His works are travel pictures, "souvenir de voyage", his subconscious.

The absorbency of the felt resembles his unbridled curiosity for new impressions of daily life; Because, according to Porracchia, everything is an aesthetic experience.


Porracchia is a Mâitre des couleurs who knows how to dominate his tools.

And yet, the resulting balance is owed to his deliberate turning away from this complex knowledge.


His unconsciousness creates harmless harmonies as they are found in nature: nature itself does not look for chords, but a harmony arises, only because there is a collision of different factors.


In his dreams, the humans give shape to his subconsciousness.

The luminescence, the afterglow in Porracchia's works, is a reminiscence of the appearance of these layers deeply under human consciousness.


We would like to invite you and wish you Bon Voyage.