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souvenir de voyage installation N°34 - 20x20x6 cm - Acryl auf Filz.JPG

Return & Exchanges


The art pieces from Patrizio Porracchia are all unique handmade art. There is no possibility of returning or exchanging any art you bought.

If you made an order in the shop and the art piece has not been shipped yet, then you have the possibility to cancel the order. For that, just send us an email with your order details and the order number and we will refund you the money and cancel the order. If the order already has been shipped, there is no possibility to give the art back or echange it with another art piece.


When you rented an art piece from Patrizio Porracchia, we will contact you shortly before your rental expieres to schedule the demontage and transport of the art piece. The rental can be extended, if the art piece is not rented to somebody else after your period or rental. To extend the rental, please inform us as soon as you know that you want to rent the art any longer.

In general

- a once bought art piece can not be returned, there is no refund

- if the art piece gets to you in any damaged form, we will refund you the money or     repair the art of course

- there is no guarantee on the artwork

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