patrizio porracchia

contemporary art

le monde d'a côté 2014 acryl auf filz 120x120x6 cm.jpg



Patrizio Porracchia grew up in one of the biggest citys in Europe - Paris. In a city like Paris there are not many parks or forrests to be found. So he created another possibility to escape from the daily life.

Enjoy your walk through his arts and free your mind and spirit.



Monotype is the name given to a special printing technique, in which only one copy can be printed. Instead of printing on paper or canvas, the classic monotype is painted on glass, acrylic or metal plates. While the paint is still wet, it is printed directly onto paper.

So the monotype allows only this one full print. Further impressions are

possible, but these are always lighter due to the loss of color. The monotype

was invented in the 17th century by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione and belongs to the fine arts. Various other artists have used this process,

but not in the form Patrizio did. He has improved it and lifts with the repeated

on such an absorbent surface as needle felt, he stands out from other artists.




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